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Padi Sea Turtle Awareness Specialty is a distinctive specialty written by Marco Giovannini, the founder of the Red Sea Turtle Project. Through this specialty you will learn about the biology and behaviour of sea turtles and their life at sea, discover the threats sea turtles are facing and how we can help save them. Everyone can do it! It's open to all ages with easy to read modules and clear learning objectives.

This is what you will learn through the PADI Sea Turtle Awareness Specialty:
  1. History and scientific classification
  2. Life cycle of sea turtles
  3. Physical characteristics
  4. Species, distribution and feeding habits
  5. Life in the sea
  6. Threats
  7. Conservation and interaction
You too can help save sea turtles today by becoming a PADI Sea Turtle Awareness Diver. It is easy and fun!

Once you finish reading the preview, you can apply and enrol for the specialty on line by clicking on "Buy Now" link at the bottom of the page. You will receive the following materials:
  1. PADI Sea Turtle Awareness Manual
  2. Knowledge Review
  3. PIC Form (Certification request)
You just need to fill in the knowledge review and return it, together with the PIC form and a digital picture of yourself, to the e-mail address from which you received your materials. After few weeks you will receive your PADI Sea Turtle Awareness certification, Project AWARE version. If you are a diver, your certification will count towards your PADI Master Scuba Diver program. The enrolment fee will cover the material and the certification.