100% Aware

We are proud to announce that Red Sea Turtle Project is now a 100% AWARE Partner. 100% AWARE partners make a big difference by contributing  vital funds to protect the ocean plane. What does this mean? It means that for every certification that we will issue for our PADI Sea Turtle Awareness distinctive specialty, the student will receive the Project AWARE version of your PADI Sea Turtle Awareness Diver certification card and will become Project AWARE ambassadors for the ocean. Red Sea Turtle Project will make a donation to Project AWARE on behalf of the student.

Here below the two cards the students can choose between.

The student will also have the possibility to match RSTP's donation (if he wants to) so that his donation, together with the Instructor's, will make a difference by:
  • Organizing Dive Against Debris actions in 180 countries of the world
  • Campaigning to protect the world’s most threatened shark species
  • Mobilizing divers worldwide to collect critical data underwater
  • Supporting marine protected areas (MPAs) and protecting vital ocean areas
  • Presenting critical findings and organizing key political meetings for change
So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the PADI Sea Turtle Awareness Diver, become a Project Aware ambassador for the ocean and make a difference!

*See the map of the 100% Aware Partners worldwide.