Friday, 13 August 2010

Welcome to the new RSTP site.

Dear all,

welcome to the new Red Sea Turtle Project website. We hope this will be a more efficient and flexible way to bring our message to you and for you to give us your feedback.

We  have tried to keep the main sections of the previous site and we are still working on some additional features.

You can still access the old version of the website here for a while longer.

Please let us know your thoughts on this and we always welcome constructive criticism.

The French version of the website will be online soon.

Thank you for your constant support.

The RSTP Team.


  1. Hey Marco,
    Do you still want sightings of turtles in the Red Sea? If so, where do we put them now?

  2. Hi Camel,
    Thank you for your post. The facility to report sightings will be here soon! Thank you!!!